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Our Core Values

Our Core Values:

  • In providing all clients with culturally sensitive services which take into account specific client needs, traits, likenesses, and differences.
  • In treating all clients and other constituents with a level of dignity and a degree of respect designed to enhance their self esteem. 
  • In providing our clients with programs and services that directly address their needs and that meet the highest standards of human services organizations.
  • In providing opportunities for clients and other constituents to be closely involved in all phases of service planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • In providing our staff with multiple and meaningful opportunities for professional development to gaining valuable experience in the effective and efficient delivery of services to clients.
  • In operating and maintaining our programs at the highest level of fiscal stability and professional integrity that meet all local, state, and national standards of accountability.
  • In forming and fostering strong partnerships, associations, and relationships with all constituents including the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, community institutions and organizations, accrediting and funding agencies, vendors, clients, and families.