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Family Health Center

Our Family Health Center:

We provide quality prenatal medical services to expectant mothers and their families.  Our center ensures that each client and their family have access to a continuum of services.  Our committed staff provide access to a continuum and integration of services to improve their overall quality of life throughout the pregnancy and beyond.  Our integrated services are often offered through the comprehensive services within Henry Booth House and/or collaboratively with other agencies in the community.

Knowledge of the families that we serve and their needs.

health-fair.jpgForm a professional relationship with clients and their families that allow them to trust in the information and advice provided to them. 

Starting with the expectant mother  where she by assisting in formulating goals for herself, her child/children and family during the pregnancy process and beyond with input from our highly capable staff; Providing her with resources to accomplish her goals; Monitoring follow-through of her identified goals and offering alternatives and options to overcome any obstacles; intervening and advocating when clients need help; encouraging and complimenting her throughout her time with us

Offering information or experiences that will expand the overall knowledge and/or resources that will afford/give the client choices to enhance their life and that of their family.